Thinking About a Gift for Hubby

July 24, 2012 0 Comments

Hubby will be celebrating his birthday in three months’ time. I am thinking of how to surprise him on his special day.

Aside from gifting him with something important that he can use, like maybe one of those newer models of acer laptop computers, I am thinking of treating him somewhere. The question is, will it be just us or will we invite friends and family? But of course, that would mean a bigger budget–something that I am not sure if I will have by that time.

If ever, the most would be going out with our immediate family members and have a good dinner. Well, we will see. I just want it to be a memorable one for him. Ohh….and a birthday cake, too! 😀 Last yaer, it was Superman. Maybe I will order a Spiderman or a Batman cake this time. hehehe We just recently watched Spiderman and we will be watching Batman next week so I cannot decide. He likes both superheroes! LOL

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