First Family Pictorial with our Second Princess

August 18, 2013 5 Comments

Our first family pic in the hospital. 😀

I gave birth last Sunday–one week ago–to our second princess via C-Section. We spent the week at the hospital and were only released last Friday.

Everyday, my husband and my eldest would visit me at the hospital and they would spend most of the day there. Hubby had to stay home to take care of the eldest so that Dindin would not feel neglected for the five nights that I stayed with the baby at the hospital. So instead, the sitter would sleep with me at night while my mother took care of me during the daytime.

I had a wonderful experience at Riverside Medical Center because of their mother-baby friendly atmosphere there. Their post-natal services are also commendable. Our second princess needed it because of her antibiotics.

Anyway, the photo above was taken the following day after I gave birth. Our second daughter, named Dorothy Shane, was taken out of me at 4:57PM. She was brought to my room around 11PM. So the following day, my husband brought Dindin after her class to the hospital. She was so happy to see her sister. She had been very excited actually, because we really prepared her for this moment. And our efforts paid off.

This photo marked a truly happy moment for us. We thank God for His grace during my delivery, for giving us a healthy baby girl, and for reuniting our family the day after.

Thank you, Lord! 😀

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