A Vikings Father’s Day Celebration

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Father’s Day 2016 is happening on June 19.
Celebrate the event at Vikings Buffet Bacolod!

roast lamb

Roast lamb in 5-spice herb.

Celebrate Father’s Day at Vikings Buffet Bacolod

Father’s Day 2016 is just around the corner and when thinking about the special celebration on this day, you might want to consider spending your time enjoying the eat all you can buffet at Vikings Buffet at SM Bacolod.

My wife, Sigrid Says, and I were invited to the sneak preview of the Father’s Day 2016 menu at Vikings Luxury Buffet at SM Bacolod, and as usuall, they were all good.

The resident chefs of Vikings came up with several exciting new additions to their menu just to celebrate dads’ special day, but of course, these are already on top of their regular fares. So that means that you get to try these special dishes while enjoying their mix of international and Filipino cuisine.

Plus, I recently learned that there will be unlimited beer and steaks on June 19, which is an offering that is supposed to please Dad. So, do consider celebrating the event this Sunday, June 19, 2016, at Vikings Bacolod. Book your reservations already. Here are the exciting additional dishes for Father’s Day only. They’re enough to make you drool.

Father's Day buffet

The naughty chefs of Vikings Buffet just had to include the assorted Big Daddy Sausages for Father’s Day.

Father's day buffet

Crab meat pasta, which we really like.

Father's Day Buffet

Flavorful adobo pizza. So good!

Father's Day buffet

Chicken inasal topped potato salad.

Father's Day buffet

Chicken and pork satay. Tender and flavorful.

Vikings buffet

The missus and I during the last Vikings event.

Father's day buffet

Another special treat for Dads from Vikings Bacolod is the unlimited beer and steaks feature that will run for lunch and dinner. Enjoy dads! Happy father’s day!

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