Bacolod Bloggers Dennis and Sigrid: Their Story

Dennis and Sigrid are lifestyle Bacolod bloggers based in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, Philippines.

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Dennis and Sigrid dating each other during an event at Seda Capitol Central Bacolod. They take any and every opportunity to be together.

Married in 2007, they have since been partners in parenting, homeschooling, and covering events.

Energized by caffeine, they both prefer brewed coffee in the morning. However, they have different tastes. He likes his coffee sweet while she likes it black. He drinks coffee twice a day while she has hers only in the morning. She couldn’t sleep at night after the second cup.

Partners in Blogging

They co-author this blog, Dennis is a businessman while Sigrid is a freelance writer. They work together or sometimes, they cover for each other, especially for events.

Together, they promote Bacolod restaurants, events, products, and homeschooling in Bacolod.

But their motivation for sharing this blog is really because they can combine work and pleasure. They love doing things together. In their marriage, it’s not just about living. But they are absolutely loving and enjoying the life they are living with their kids. <3

Sigrid is the wife that Dennis has prayed for long before they met each other. Read their story here: Praying for a Spouse and Getting Exactly What You Asked For

Dennis says, “Everything is better with her.”

Home and Family

Dennis and Sigrid have two daughters, namely Shawna and Shane. Their parenting, homeschooling, and family adventures are chronicled at

Meanwhile, Sigrid has another lifestyle blog, She features businesses, food, and everything in between.

The Couple’s Advocacy

Dennis and Sigrid has started a new advocacy. It is an issue that both of them share and are passionate about. It’s keeping our roads safe for all drivers, pedestrians, and properties.

They call it Better Driver PH, believing that all drivers, passengers, and pedestrians can improve.

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