Learn More About the Common Causes of Divorce

November 7, 2020 0 Comments

Let’s look at the most common causes of divorce and why divorce rates are skyrocketing.

Ways to Get Through the Heartbreak of Divorce

September 2, 2020 0 Comments

How do you get through the heartbreak of divorce when everything seems to be so chaotic?

What Is Child Support Used For?

March 20, 2019 0 Comments

Some love stories do not end happily. Some end in divorce, leaving children in the middle of the chaos. Here, learn about what is child support and how to use it for your children’s advantage.

Asking for Alimony Support After Divorce

September 19, 2018 0 Comments

Alimony Support After Divorce A divorce may bring many uncertainties, particularly in the financial aspect. If you plan to ask for alimony support, keep these suggestions in mind. Undergoing a divorce is never a happy occasion. But you can lessen the stress about alimony support. Here are some tips for you. Keep a Budget Write …

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore Officially Divorced

November 29, 2013 0 Comments

It has been two years since Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore parted ways but their divorce was only finalized this week. The process was lengthened because the couple could not reportedly settle the financial issues of their divorce. It was said that Demi was demanding payment and alimony from Ashton. Many people are saying that …

Katie Holmes Files to Divorce Tom Cruise

June 29, 2012 0 Comments

I almost choked on my coffee this morning when I read that Katie Holmes filed to divorce her superstar husband Tom Cruise last Thursday, just days before his 50th birthday. And it seems that Tom was blindsided by her decision. Holmes was last seen in public last Thursday while shopping with her daughter Suri. She …

Negative Patterns in a Marriage that Lead to Divorce

April 18, 2012 0 Comments

This is something that I read in the site by Anderson Cooper and I want to share it with you. Although divorce is not common in the Philippines and there is a greater percentage of people who would rather stick it out with their spouses till the end, these four negative patterns contribute to unhappy …

It Seems True

January 24, 2012 0 Comments

It seems true that Seal and Heidi Klum are heading for divorce, but I have yet to read reports that Heidi has actually filed the papers. But Seal has already talked about the separation with Ellen in the Ellen Degeneres Show. I still can’t understand why and how can two people who looked really happy …

Seal and Heidi Klum are Getting a Divorce?

January 22, 2012 0 Comments

This is really sad news and I dismissed it thinking that it is not true. But two celeb websites already reported this: Heidi Klum is set to file for divorce from Seal, her husband of almost 7 years. I am saddened by this news because of many reasons. For one, they have four children (3 …

Another Celebrity Divorce–Katy Perry and Russell Brand

December 31, 2011 0 Comments

Actor Russell Brandand singer-wife Katy Perry were reportedly having marital problems for quite some time. But they have maintained that they are still very much married. I think that is because they are also trying to save the marriage. However, it was revealed only the other day that Brand has filed for divorce from Perry …