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Negative Patterns in a Marriage that Lead to Divorce

This is something that I read in the site by Anderson Cooper and I want to share it with you. Although divorce is not common in the Philippines and there is a greater percentage of people who would rather stick it out with their spouses till the end, these four negative patterns contribute to unhappy […]

It Seems True

It seems true that Seal and Heidi Klum are heading for divorce, but I have yet to read reports that Heidi has actually filed the papers. But Seal has already talked about the separation with Ellen in the Ellen Degeneres Show. I still can’t understand why and how can two people who looked really happy […]

Seal and Heidi Klum are Getting a Divorce?

This is really sad news and I dismissed it thinking that it is not true. But two celeb websites already reported this: Heidi Klum is set to file for divorce from Seal, her husband of almost 7 years. I am saddened by this news because of many reasons. For one, they have four children (3 […]