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My Sick Husband

Dennis caught a cold virus last Thursday. But yesterday, instead of getting better, he got worse and now, he has the cough already. And it happened when he was supposed to go on LIVE starting today, meaning he will already start taking calls from clients. Grrr… I think that God is saying that in everything, […]

Pregnancy 21 Weeks: Preparing for the Baby

I already started making decors for our room that it now looks like a nursery than a couple’s room. LOL After this project, I intend to make red, black, and white decorations, too. I will be buying cartolina from Sunrise across the street and start on my project. I know there are toys that being […]

The Ultrasound Result

I am sorry that I cannot tell you at this time about the gender of our baby. Although the baby had been very obedient–woke up early today then slept until the doctor came in, moved arms and legs while the ultrasound was going on, and opened legs wide for us to see. But the genital […]