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An Ultrasound Date Tomorrow

Tomorrow is a Saturday and it is my husband’s day off. I am supposed to have my 2nd trimester ultrasound scan and prenatal today but since my husband has work, we decided to put it off till tomorrow. We are really excited! The baby in my womb would already be 20 weeks and we are […]

Long Time

Oh my, it has been a long long time since I have last updated this. Anyway, I am pregnant now, actually 4.5 months pregnant and I hope to be able to get an ultrasound on Saturday to learn the gender of my baby. Why Saturday? Because it is my husband’s day off. And I wouldn’t […]

Pregnancy Updates and Others

I will be 7 weeks pregnant this coming Sunday, August 10. I have become picky with food, I can’t just eat anything. I don’t like the smell of food being cooked, especially the smell of something being sautéed. Ugh. I have to have another ultrasound next week, as the last time, there was no apparent […]