Category: Finances

Buying in Big Packs at the Supermarket vs. Retail Buying

Many Filipinos buy grocery items in small packs at the sari-sari store. They think that they get to save with it because they are buying only what they can afford. But in reality, you waste money in buying small packs because the bigger packs are actually cheaper when you compute it. Yes, you shell out […]

Cha-Ching and Spending for What You Need

In the financial education video entitled Cha-Ching produced by the insurance company PruLife UK encouraging people to save, the characters there needed a new speaker and some other equipment.  These things are a need because they are a band and people no longer like their playing because of a busted speaker. They are no longer […]

Saving Up for Gadgets

I have been thinking of setting aside a budget each month and allocating it for the purchase and repairs of gadgets. The buying of accessories should also come from there. You see, we all know that gadgets can conk out anytime even if we handle them with care. So, that is why we should be […]