Category: Home Improvement

Laminate Your Floors for Protection

If you have wooden floors, it would be nice to have them laminated to protect its shine. But at the same time, I think a good reason is that it will also protect your family. You see wood is porous and it has a lot of crevices where really insects and dust mites can live. […]

Simon Helberg Buy Charlie Sheen’s Mansion

Simon Helberg, or better known as the skinny and horny Howard Wolowitz on the hit geeky TV series entitled The Big Bang Theory, has just bought his dream house for almost $3 million. But this is no ordinary house. This used to be the mini-mansion of former Two and a Half Men star, Charlie Sheen. […]

The Quest for the Best and Cheapest Hand Soap

I stay at home and work in our bedroom. That means that I stay in the room practically the whole day. I go to the bathroom pretty often and I wash myself that many time as well. My husband also goes to our room several times a day because he just works downstairs. So we […]