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  • Asawa Ko Karibal Ko Starts Today | GMA Afternoon Prime

    Watch Asawa Ko, Karibal Ko Asawa Ko, Karibal Ko is the newest teleserye drama on GMA 7. It stars Rayver Cruz, Kris Bernal, Thea Tolentino, and Jason Abalos. Asawa Ko, Karibal Ko (which literally means My Spouse, My Rival) is an upcoming Philippine television drama series to be broadcast by GMA Network. It is directed […]

  • Tips for Finding the Right Lawyer for You

    How to find the right lawyer If you have a legal entanglement, it’s key that you find the right lawyer to help you on your case. You may not even know where to begin to find someone who can represent you. Finding the right lawyer It may be a daunting task to find the the […]

  • Starting on the Love Dare

    Last Friday, hubby and I watched Fireproof the movie and I was inspired once again. Though this is already our second time, I like the movie very much that I watched it still from beginning to end. And I am inspired to start the 40-day Love Dare on my husband. I hope to start soon […]

  • Our Very Early Jollibee Breakfast Meal

    Hubby and I woke up a little before 4am because Dindin had a coughing spiel and we had to give her some cough remedy. Dindin is sick and we are trying to manage her illness. The simple way out would be to give her antibiotics but since we opted not to, we are giving everything […]

  • Mimi Alford | The Teen-aged Other Woman of JFK Who Knows Her Place

    A “Good Example” of the “Other Woman” Now the name of one woman is making waves all across the globe. And that woman is Mimi Alford, a 69-year-old grandmother who has just released a tell-all book about her sexual relationship with one of the most powerful man in the world–President John F. Kennedy. In other […]

  • Valentines Flowers for Delivery

    Since last month, a friend of mine has started receiving orders for Valentines flowers for delivery. She is in the business of cargo and so they have the proper logistics for ordering and delivering flowers. She teamed up with another friend who has suppliers of fresh flowers from Baguio City. I think it is a […]

  • Relationship Advice: You Cannot Change Your Other Half

    The truth is, people cannot make someone else change. Never is that more true than in a marriage. A wife can’t change her husband. A husband can’t change his wife. BUT God can change both. We have to learn that it’s not our job to change our spouse, anyway. No amount of nagging and criticizing […]

  • New Profession: Proposal Planner

    We are really in serious trouble. Now, there is a new profession–the proposal planner. The other day, I just wrote about how we should put more preparation into our marriage than in the wedding. But now, I read that aside from wedding planners, you can now hire proposal planners. Let’s face it, women love fairy […]

  • Steps to Achieving a Blissful Marriage

    These 12 Steps to a Blissful Marriage was something that I read at Reader’s Digest but I thought of re-posting it here. They are actually self-explanatory, but I will write separate articles in the coming days. I already did something about the manners issue. 1. Mind your manners. 2. Introduce variety in your married life. […]

  • Mind Your Manners Towards Your Spouse

    Married couples should really make a conscious effort to mind their manners towards each other. Sometimes, the manners we exhibit during the courtship stage just fly out of the window when marriage sinks in. When we were young, we were taught (or at least most of us) to say the “magic words” like “Please,” “thank […]

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