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reconnection technique - love and marriage

Love and Reconnection Technique for Busy Couples

Keep the love alive with this reconnection technique Marriage can be at its sweetest during the first years. It’s the honeymoon stage, getting to know each other more, adjusting and such. But as the marriage progresses, we bear kids and then we get busy with jobs, businesses, and life. The romantic passions and affections also […]

The Sports Warehouse - New Balance lifestyle shoes

The Sports Warehouse Big Big Sale: Finding the Perfect Pair of Men’s Shoes

Finding the Perfect Pair of Men’s Shoes At The Sports Warehouse Big Big Sale here in Bacolod, I found the perfect pair of New Balance leather shoes for me. Thanks primarily to my wife! The Indecisiveness of Men I watched this video about a Dad who does not openly say what he wants, but actually […]

the boxes bacolod restaurants

The BOXES Bacolod Restaurants For Date Nights

The BOXES Bacolod Restaurants Every relationship needs to recharge, especially our marriage and relationships. And one of the best ways to do that is to dine out and have a date night. If you are running out of ideas, may I introduce you to the many Bacolod restaurants and restobars open to serve you at […]