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First Family Pictorial with our Second Princess

I gave birth last Sunday–one week ago–to our second princess via C-Section. We spent the week at the hospital and were only released last Friday. Everyday, my husband and my eldest would visit me at the hospital and they would spend most of the day there. Hubby had to stay home to take care of […]

Battling Depression With a Movie Date to Watch G.I. Joe: Retaliation

Today, I felt kind of weepy again. I woke up with a bad mood because of a couple of bad dreams. That was the start of the downward spiral of my day. I kept crying till after lunch. Not good for me and the baby inside my womb. So hubby took me out for a […]

Ultrasound Date Tomorrow

I am now midway to my 21st week of pregnancy and tomorrow, we will visit the sonologist for a gender ultrasound. We will bring Dindin with us so that she, too, can take a peek at her younger sibling inside my tummy. She is already very excited and that makes us really happy to know […]

Arizona Couple Arrested Over Child Abuse Photos on Facebook

This story happened late last year and it was really disturbing. You see, two parents from northern Arizona were arrested after they posted photos of their young children on Facebook, which were taken while the young ones were allegedly being abused. Frankie Almuina, 20, and Kayla Almuina, 19, are now facing two counts of child […]

Looking Forward to a Barbecue Outing

We had been very busy this month of May that we had not gone over to my parents’ house to have barbecue. But I do miss those times. In the past, we would go there on a Sunday afternoon then my parents would burn charcoal in an open barbecue pit and then grill some pork, […]

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