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Bata Shoes for Men: Classic and Durable

Bata Shoes now in Bacolod Men’s shoes can be very expensive, especially if you want a pair that is of good quality. So I am very happy that Bata Shoes is now in Bacolod because they have a wide array of classic as well as stylish shoes for men. Plus, they are affordable and durable, […]

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#makeITsafePH Sexting and Sharing Intimate or Scandalous Photos or Videos Online

Sexting or Sharing of Naked Photos or Videos We cannot deny the fact that many people, celebrities included, have already been bullied and ridiculed because their private photos and videos have been leaked online. These have been collectively known as scandals. So how do we keep our private lives safe? Are They Really Private? As […]

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CityMall Premier Cinema Bacolod: My New Favorite Lair

CityMall Premier Cinema in Bacolod How wonderful it is that in Bacolod, we now have CityMall Premier Cinema! With its state of the art sounds and reclining seats, we are surely in for a cinematic treat! Into the Bat Cave A couple of years back I watched a video about Chris Weir, a Batman fan who […]