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Tips on Opening a Scrapbook Store

From papers, to pens, to stickers and accessories the scrapbook industry has grown to a multi-million dollar business.  If you think that you are ready to start a scrapbook store, the most important part of your business will be learning what your customers want most with effective inventory software for small business. When starting a […]

Jogger Pants for Men Are Comfortable and Fashionable for Everyday Wear

Gone are the days when the choices that men have are only slacks for formals and denims for casual wear. When they wear jogging pants, they look like they are just sweating it out for the day or they are just staying home. Men’s fashion has definitely turned around–and it is not just at GQs. […]

Cha-Ching and Spending for What You Need

In the financial education video entitled Cha-Ching produced by the insurance company PruLife UK encouraging people to save, the characters there needed a new speaker and some other equipment.  These things are a need because they are a band and people no longer like their playing because of a busted speaker. They are no longer […]

A Male Therapist for My Massage

After more than a week of complaining to my husband that my body aches have been making me feel like I am down with the flu, I finally put my foot down and decided to go to the spa. I went to Grand Royal Spa just down the road from our place to get a […]

Buying Jewelry as My Personal Reward

Note: Written a couple of years ago. Honestly, I sometimes feel that I work too hard and there is really no just reward or compensation for myself. Most of my income goes to tithes and offerings first, then the rest are for my family, especially the needs of our little one. That means, I have […]

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