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Bridging Traditional And Cultural Gaps

Movavi Screen Capture Studio The lives of people in different countries are varied, such as in the customs they follow, their traditions, food, and many other things. For getting closer to the other customs and getting to know better about all the different cultures and traditions that are present around the world you can use […]

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Strengthen your marriage. Take a couple’s vacation. Marriage takes a lot of effort in order to make it work and keep it working happily. And since it requires work, it also requires some rest. We gotta rejuvenate our mind, body, hearts, and spirits. But it does not mean that you take a leave of absence from […]

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Pearls from Davao

For the love of pearl jewelry I have traveled to Davao City several times in the past and every time I am there, I make sure that I visit that market selling local stuff–from beaded accessories, to hand-woven tapestries, and of course, pearls! These are some of the things that Davao is famous of, aside […]