How to Get Rid of Termites in the House

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How to Get Rid of Termites

How to get rid of termites is a common question of old households that have a lot of wooden elements. Case in point: our building.

how to get rid of termites - pest control

How to Get Rid of Termites by professionals

The Termite Problem

Our home is about my age, so it is more than four decades old. It is a three-story building in a commercial area here in Bacolod City. The lower level is our store in front and the garage at the back. On the second floor is the stock room, some storage area, and some living quarters. Then the third floor is the residential area.

It is a typical Chinese home where the business owners live in the same building as their store.

We have a lot of wooden components — shelves, closets, and countertops. Even our bed frames are made of wood. They used to be lovely. It is nice to have a balance of wood and concrete elements in your home.

The Termite Disaster

I grew up in this house. My memories are built around here. I only left home when I studied in Cebu for five years. But I came back and now my family lives here.

After 10 years of marriage, a lot of our wedding gifts are still intact inside their boxes. These include china, glassware, some towels, and sheets. These are the kinds of things that wedding guests usually give to newlyweds to help them start their journey as a couple.

how to get rid of termites - pest control

How the termites ravaged our turbo broiler.

My wife have kept some of these gifts until they are needed. These stuff are kept in storage cabinets inside out bathroom. Two months prior to the termite disaster, our helper has cleaned this area and took out the items. She wiped them and re-arranged the stuff piling up inside.

That is why we did not expect this to happen.

Watch how the termites ate through a lot of our stuff at home.


One night, we woke up with a strange noise coming from outside our bedroom. The hallway was empty but the buzz is getting louder and eerie. It seemed to come from the walls but it was made of concrete.

Eventually we realized it came from the wooden lining that connects the floor to the wall. It turned out that about two feet of that span was already hollow because the termites have eaten up the wood. We panicked and didn’t know what to do. We do not know how to get rid of termites.

how to get rid of termites - pest control

The frightening noise came from this area.

To stop the infernal noise in the middle of the night, we sprayed the area with insect killer so they will all die. And we slept.

The Spread

A couple of weeks later, there was that sound again. But it was fainter this time. It was then we realized that the termites just found a new location — our bathroom cabinet. They ate through all the towels that were in the boxes. From afar the cardboard boxes looked intact. But inside, the termites already ate all the fabric and they have already built their colony while retaining the shape of the box. It was creepy and hair-raising!

how to get rid of termites - pest control

The even went inside boxes of china and built their home there.

Because of this, we opened all the boxes and the rest of the cabinets. They build their homes inside the boxes containing glassware and china. They also ate through a lot of our children’s good books. *sniff*

It was then we realized that we needed help. We didn’t know how far and wide the infestation was. What we know is, termites liked wood and paper. They evaded those in plastic containers.

How to Get Rid of Termites

So by now, we realized that we could not just treat the termite problem at home with bug spray. We did not know how to get rid of termites at all. For a three-door, three-story building, that’s a lot of floor space to cover. We needed professionals.

That’s when we contacted V3 Pestmasters — a Bacolod company that specializes in agro-chem and pest control services.

First, they sent somebody to check the places where the termites have been. The problem was, we touched these areas. They needed to see the areas where there were live or active termites. We should not have sprayed them.

how to get rid of termites - pest control

This cabinet where some of our children’s books are stored has an active nest.

Then they sent us a quotation for the entire treatment. That includes regular visits to check on their installations of pesticides. But we had to wait until the termites showed up again. When they did, that was when the chemical containers were installed. I think they called it termite bait.

how to get rid of termites - pest control

The termite bait

We were told that the termites would be attracted to the chemical and bring it back to their home, thereby destroying the population in the colony. It really worked because so far, we haven’t seen termites around the house anymore.

how to get rid of termites - pest control

V3 Pest Control personnel check their baits from time to time.

What to Do with Termite Infestation at Home

So what do you do when there is termite infestation at home? If you do not know how to get rid of termites, call the experts. Do not touch the area or spray it with anything. They will just move to another place, bringing more damage. Better call in the professionals to solve the problem for you before it gets worse.

V3 Pestmasters
Agro-chem and Pest Control Services, Inc.

Door #5 Chua Building
Libertad Extension, Brgy. Taculing
Bacolod City, Negros Occidental
Tel. No. (034) 446-0144 | 446-3187

It has been several months now. I cannot safely say yet that the entire home is termite-free. But from what we can see, we can already rest easy because no termites have popped up anywhere around the house and even our stock rooms.



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