1. great post.. if i were to talk to her I would ask her what made her come out just now? what is it president’s and interns anyway?

    1. Author

      maybe it is also admiration. i think it is the fact that the most important person in the country takes an interest in you…but little did they know that they are just being used.

  2. Same thoughts as the commenter above. I wonder why she has chosen to come out now? Seems like a long time before she decided to do so. Ugh, some men are just perverted, taking advantage of their subordinates 🙁

    1. Author

      thinking of the same too. maybe she thinks she needs the world to know before she dies? and after all, the family of JFK are already dead.

  3. So its true from one book about JFK that he did have a “relationship” with White House intern…only this time with picture! Hmmm, I think its already expected from most politicians to have someone other than their legal wives….sad! Pity for both the wives and “someone” :(. Thanks for this info though. What a tragedy to Kennedy family…

    1. Author

      i guess it is fairly common for politicians to have dalliances like these.

  4. I actually read this sa Yahoo News..actually lots of people questioning why she has to tell all this if after all it was all in the past na daw…
    sabi ng iba siguro for publicity para sa libro..whatever it is..si Mimi lang nakakaalam..anyway its her life..
    this kind of affair should not be flaunt..you know..

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