A Quick Change

My husband promised to take me to the mall to watch a fireworks display contest. He said he will pick me up at 8pm, after his practice. Then we will just buy food at Mcdonalds Drive Through. After some time of waiting, he finally showed up past 9pm. i know that he was out practicing […]

Flowers From a Friend

Ellen, a friend of mine from Trinity Christian Fellowship, just dropped by this afternoon and gave me a bunch of flowers. There were 12 red roses and 1 pink rose in it. She said one of her relatives held a party yesterday and they ordered so much flowers that they were overflowing in the venue. […]

Rubber Duckies

Okay, by now you know that we are really excited. teehee Dennis and I had been buying some baby books and a set of rubber duckies for our coming baby. hehe However, I noticed that the things that I bought were the same things that I so liked when I was a kid, but sadly, […]