Loved Madagascar2

My husband and I watched Madagascar 2 last night with 2 friends, Paolo and Ellen. And of course, we watched the first movie when it was shown. We enjoyed it tremendously that even before we watched the movie, we started collecting the Madagascar toys from McDonalds Happy Meal. And we loved the movie so much […]

The Ultrasound Result

I am sorry that I cannot tell you at this time about the gender of our baby. Although the baby had been very obedient–woke up early today then slept until the doctor came in, moved arms and legs while the ultrasound was going on, and opened legs wide for us to see. But the genital […]

An Ultrasound Date Tomorrow

Tomorrow is a Saturday and it is my husband’s day off. I am supposed to have my 2nd trimester ultrasound scan and prenatal today but since my husband has work, we decided to put it off till tomorrow. We are really excited! The baby in my womb would already be 20 weeks and we are […]