Flowers From a Friend

Ellen, a friend of mine from Trinity Christian Fellowship, just dropped by this afternoon and gave me a bunch of flowers. There were 12 red roses and 1 pink rose in it. She said one of her relatives held a party yesterday and they ordered so much flowers that they were overflowing in the venue. […]

Rubber Duckies

Okay, by now you know that we are really excited. teehee Dennis and I had been buying some baby books and a set of rubber duckies for our coming baby. hehe However, I noticed that the things that I bought were the same things that I so liked when I was a kid, but sadly, […]

Belly Rubs from Friends

I am already 5 1/3 months pregnant. And my belly is already showing no signs of slowing down. It just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Because of that, a lot of people would rub or at least touch my bulging belly, especially in church. They would greet me and then simultaneously put their hands on […]