First Anniversary!

Tomorrow is our first wedding anniversary!!!! Wow, it seemed like we flew through the year from our wedding day. Anyway, we don’t really have plans to celebrate for tomorrow. We are going off to our church youth camp where my husband is camp director. We had been very busy in the weeks leading to the […]

I Won a Pair of Havaianas!

I got so busy today. Almost no time to blog. In the midst of the chaos in my room, my husband put down a box that I asked him to bring. Inside was a big cylinder, about a foot and a half high. It was a package sent through DHL. I have no idea what […]

Neglecting the Little Things

Familiarity breeds contempt? As the marriage stays on, the couple most likely takes the little things for granted. That is why this saying is most often used. The more we know our spouse, the more we hate him or her instead of increasing in the love factor. Instead of complaining, why not let us try […]