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CityMall Premier Cinema Bacolod: My New Favorite Lair

CityMall Premier Cinema in Bacolod How wonderful it is that in Bacolod, we now have CityMall Premier Cinema! With its state of the art sounds and reclining seats, we are surely in for a cinematic treat! Into the Bat Cave A couple of years back I watched a video about Chris Weir, a Batman fan who […]

CityMall Cinema Bacolod: Plush Comfort for Avid Moviegoers

CITYMALL CINEMA Bacolod and Victorias now open So happy to announce to you that CityMall Cinema is now in Negros Occidental. CityMall Cinema Bacolod and CityMall Cinema Victorias are now open and fully operational. To me, there are movies that I would enjoy better if I watch them in a cinema than just watch them […]

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