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The Power of a Love Song

Today is the 39th wedding anniversary of my parents in law. But they are not with us today because they went on short vacation and they left early today. That did not stop us from celebrating with them, at least in thought. So I prepared lunch for today–Asian Spaghetti–just to make the usual pasta taste […]

First Family Pictorial with our Second Princess

I gave birth last Sunday–one week ago–to our second princess via C-Section. We spent the week at the hospital and were only released last Friday. Everyday, my husband and my eldest would visit me at the hospital and they would spend most of the day there. Hubby had to stay home to take care of […]

Women Who Get Married Late

In olden days, women who marry in their 20s are already part of those who get married late. The norm was that, the ripe age to tie the knot is between 15-17. Nowadays, young women this age are called teenagers. They are in high school and they dream big. They have plans of finishing college […]

Knowing How to Cook and Having a Restaurant

A lot of people praise me for my cooking and then would often suggest that I open a restaurant. But there is a big difference with knowing how to cook and operating a restaurant. When you cook and prepare dishes for the family, it is to my delight. I buy the best ingredients that I […]

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