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How to optimize wifi at home

How to OPTIMIZE Your WiFi at Home

Experiencing problems with your WiFi? Here’s Globe how to optimize your WiFi at Home The whole household, including your helpers and driver, wants to go online.  Your children demand video streaming. You research a lot and maintain an online business. And everybody is on Facebook or Instagram. Are you sure you got the right home […]


Globe is proud to introduce their new information campaign to guide their customers, partners, ambassadors, and shareholders to solve their basic Globe concerns, and how to maximize Globe products and services, in the easiest, fastest and simplest way — by doing it yourself. Globe Telecom, launches How to Globe, a guide for customers on how to […]

That GLOBE ROGUE ONE Video That Went Viral

Remember That Globe Rogue One Video That Went Viral? It also became a multi-awarded film. Had you been following this blog, I (Hubby) wrote that Globe’s Rogue One #CreateCourage campaign is to raise awareness for the company’s partnership with the Philippine General Hospital (PGH). That same video have been receiving recognition not just locally but […]