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In Love and Staying Committed for Life

Staying Committed to Your Spouse When most people get married, they have visions of marital bliss that never wavers. Everything for the wedding took time planning and organizing to be perfect. The effects on the happy couple and their guests are worth the effort and expense. But staying committed is a different story. Staying Committed […]

5 Things Successful People Do in the Morning

I am a night person. I do my best work at night because it is quiet and well, the internet is working fast at night when there are not too many users. During the day I am sluggish and it seems that my creative juices are not working well. But ever since I was a […]

Water Can Relieve Body Pains

We often hear this phrase: DRINK WATER. In Health and Science class in elementary and high school we are told: DRINK 8 GLASSES of water every day. Or more specifically, drink lots of water for better health. But sad to say, many people do not follow this rule about water. There are several reasons why […]