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The Couples’ Game that Made Us Question Our Marriage

Agreement: A Fun Couples’ Game How a fun couple’s game during our family reunion led us to question our marriage and got us talking heart to heart. Family Reunion My husband’s family on the father’s side went on a year-end holiday at Cana Retreat in Amlan, Negros Oriental for a family reunion. We took a […]

The Art of Marriage Seminar

Upon the insistence of my parents because they said they already paid for it, hubby and I attended a marriage seminar at our previous church. It is entitled The Art of Marriage. I had been passing up seminars lately because it is hard for us to concentrate with the two kids with us. We have […]

Weddings and Marriages

“If couples put even half as much thought preparing for marriage as they give to the wedding, there’d be fewer divorces.” – Ptr. Rick Warren Wow! Such powerful words and so true. I got this from my husband’s wall on Facebook. Indeed, so much planning, preparation, and expense are put into a wedding. Sometimes, the […]