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To all the boys I've loved before - pain - hurt - love- relationships - patience - cover

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

A young lady has gone through three different relationships and cherished all of them. She has articulated her learnings from these relationships, fully aware that these have made her into the woman that she is today. That’s self love.

The 8 Moves that Make Women Swoon

I read online that these are what you call “the moves” that make girls swoon. Do you agree with this list? 1. When man tells his woman how good she looks in an unexpected way. 2. When man is spontaneous in his words and actions. 3. When man lets his woman talk about herself without […]

A Confession About my Interest in Guys in High School

High school beatings of my heart were lovely yet erratic, like the sound of a playful bass player on his unsynched guitar. I hopped from one crush to the other, sometimes having several subjects of attention, without fear, inhibition, or guilt. I went to great lengths to be noticed by a desired male, including dressing […]