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Praying for a Spouse and Getting Exactly What You Asked For

Guide in Praying for a Spouse When we reach a certain age or stage in our lives, we have that longing to find our better half and settle down in marriage. Among Christians, praying for a spouse is common, as it is encouraged in the church culture from since when you are young. Find out […]

Marriage Needs Work

If someone once told you that marriage was a piece of cake then they must be lying or they have never been married before. Yes, marriage is a slice of heaven, that is, if you are enjoying marital bliss. But if you are a husband stuck with a quarrelsome wife or a wife tied to […]

A Quick Change

My husband promised to take me to the mall to watch a fireworks display contest. He said he will pick me up at 8pm, after his practice. Then we will just buy food at Mcdonalds Drive Through. After some time of waiting, he finally showed up past 9pm. i know that he was out practicing […]