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Women Who Get Married Late

In olden days, women who marry in their 20s are already part of those who get married late. The norm was that, the ripe age to tie the knot is between 15-17. Nowadays, young women this age are called teenagers. They are in high school and they dream big. They have plans of finishing college […]

Sorely Missing Hubby

Hubby went to Manila today for a one-week business trip. He will be attending a trade exposition as well as visit our suppliers and buy some stocks. While he was booking his flight, he was asking me about the flight schedule and if it was okay with me if he stayed there for a week. […]

Relationship Advice: You Cannot Change Your Other Half

The truth is, people cannot make someone else change. Never is that more true than in a marriage. A wife can’t change her husband. A husband can’t change his wife. BUT God can change both. We have to learn that it’s not our job to change our spouse, anyway. No amount of nagging and criticizing […]

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