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Vivo V7 Philippines - BoyBand PH onstage

Can Vivo V7 Replace Our Mirrorless Camera?

Vivo V7 Philippines Vivo V7, the newest Vivo phone in the mid-range category, is finally here in the Philippines! The Vivo V7 plus, the more beefed up model of the Vivo V7 family, was already launched ahead of the Vivo V7 last September. Meanwhile, the Vivo V7 was launched only last week, November 18, 2017 […]

VIVO V5: More Selfies On Your Facebook Timeline

Vivo V5 Perfect Selfie  The first time I heard about Vivo as a mobile phone brand was when I saw a post on facebook that they have the thinnest smartphone. The second time was when my brother who works in China mentioned this to us during our New Year’s Day beach getaway. He boasted of […]