Who Are You Like in This Crisis?

Covid-19 has affected all of us the world over. Whatever our orientation, culture, social and economic status, race, education–none of those things matter now. For the virus, we are just all hosts to infect. Meanwhile, all of us have different reactions to the global pandemic. The Philippines is now entering a better phase. Have you ever thought, who are you like during the Covid-19 crisis? Let’s check ourselves against several characters in the bible.

How Has Covid-19 Affected You?

First of all, I want to ask you, my friend, how has the Covid-19 pandemic affected you? How is your state? Your family?

I know that for most of us, our freedom and personal liberties have been hindered because of the virus. It may be called a community quarantine or a lockdown, but whatever it is, the government is just doing what they can to control the spread of the virus.

To whoever is reading this, I just hope you are fine and have enough food to eat. Our budget is running low as well, what with the month-long lockdown. That means no business. But for us, it’s worse because our machine in the store broke down long before the lockdown. We did order for a replacement but it took a long time to process. Now, we have a machine but it’s not installed nor working yet.

We can only pray for God’s provision.

Who Are You Like at This Time? What Kind of Bible Character Are You?

I thought it would be nice to share this with you and assess ourselves. Who are you like at this time of the crisis? They say that a person’s reactions to any situation will show their true colors. So maybe we should do a simple test? Here it goes:

  • Are you the widow who touched Jesus’ garment?
  • The four friends who lowered the paralytic from the roof?
  • Maybe the paralytic who was healed AND forgiven at the same time?
  • The centurion who said, “…say the word and let my servant be healed”?
  • Or the paralytic who waited at the pool expectant of the angel more than the Great Healer?
  • Lazarus who died because Jesus lingered for 2 days before going to Bethany?
  • Mary who Jesus wept with when He saw her weeping (May the sister of Lazarus)
  • Or maybe Martha (Mary’s sister) who questioned Jesus and learned a lesson on eternal life?
  • The leper who thanked Him after being healed?
  • Or the nine lepers who did not go back to thank Jesus
  • Are you the woman on the well who did not want to go thirsty anymore?
  • Or the good Samaritan?
  • Are you like the man who was robbed who was helped by the Samaritan?
  • The prodigal son?
  • Or the bitter brother?
  • Are you like the self-righteous pharisee praying at the temple?
  • Or the repentant tax collector?
  • Malchus, whose boss was going to arrest Jesus?
  • Peter who denied Jesus?
  • John who stayed with Jesus until His death?
  • Or Judas who betrayed Jesus?
  • Are you like the centurion who was finally convinced who Jesus was?
  • Or you’re like the unremorseful criminal who challenged Jesus?
  • Hopefully, the penitent criminal who begged for salvation?

Have You Checked Yourself?

What do you think? Who are you like? There’s really no right or wrong answer here. There might not even be a singular answer. It’s just a list that we check ourselves against and we just decide which one is the better person.

The Kinds of People Surrounding Jesus

These are the kinds of people that Jesus met when He walked this earth. And there are different kinds of people in His stories, too, some of them not mentioned here.

We can relate to some of them because of our everyday struggles. But perhaps, as we find out WHO WE ARE LIKE among the bible characters, we would realize an important fact. That is — since Jesus met people like them, we are assured that Jesus also knows how to our worries and fears. He knows our deepest struggles and He understands us.

Let’s all take heart and keep the faith during this time.

Download the Bible App

If you are not very familiar with the context of these people I mentioned, I would suggest that you download the Bible app. We still have a few more days to go before Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) is downgraded to General Community Quarantine (GCQ). You spend those days knowing about the stories of these people in the bible. They are all found in the first four books of the New Testament.

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So, which Bible character are you like during the Covid-19 crisis?

Let’s stay safe everyone — God bless us all!

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