1st Tanduay Rum Festival in Bacolod | A Huge Success

The first ever Tanduay Rum Festival in Bacolod City became a huge success! We are proud that we are producing such a world-class, export quality drink in Negros Occidental.

Pinoy Tradition: Celebrating with Food and Drinks

People love to celebrate. Filipinos especially are fond and fans of festivals. We celebrate almost everything. These could be birthdays, Christmas (from September to January), New Year, birthdays of patron saints, baby showers, gender reveals, anniversaries, monthsaries, weeksaries… The list could go on and on.

Tanduay Rum Festival - Bacolod Rum Festival - Filipino celebrations - Pinoy parties - Bacolod City - Bacolod blogger
Filipinos always find a reason to celebrate.

It is as if we can just come up with any reason to celebrate. Is this why Bacolod City had the first Tanduay Rum Festival in the country?

Well the idea is not originally ours. Search Rum Festival in Google and you will get a list of other places that have this event. Well again, this is the first one in the Philippines. And we got it here in Bacolod City–the capital of Negros Occidental.

Rum is made from sugarcane byproducts, such as molasses, or directly from sugarcane juice. Therefore, it is strategic for Tanduay to set up distillery in Negros Occidental. We are, after all, the Sugar Basket of the Philippines.

Additionally, the Tanduay Distillers Inc. plant is in Murcia, Negros Occidental. They source their alcohol from a sister corporation, Asian Alcohol Corp., which is located in Pulupandan, southern Negros. Asian Alcohol is one of the country’s biggest alcohol distillery and they sources their molasses from Victorias Miling Company, Inc. (VMC).

Tanduay Rum is from Negros Occidental

This is also why a Bacolod councilor thought that it’s the perfect idea to celebrate a Rum Festival here.

But the Tanduay Rum Festival in Bacolod is more than just a celebration of the drink. It is also a celebration of the richness of our lands where sugarcane thrives. Plus, it was also a time to celebrate the talents and skills of the local folk.

Culinaria cooking with rum - Tanduay Rum Festival in Bacolod - Bacolod chefs - Bacolod blogger - Anne Bistro
Chef Dan and Christian of Anne Bistro before the Culinaria competition started.

I was glad to see that we celebrated creativity through visual arts, culinary creations, and drinks. Of course, my favorite part of the celebration would be where I get to explore different flavors.

Culinaria: Cooking with Rum

Rum has been used on different kind of dishes. But during the festival, top chefs from Bacolod restaurants racked their brains on how rum can enhance not just new dishes, but also everyday fare. They came up with the most ingenious ways of cooking with rum.

culinaria cooking with rum - Tanduay Rum Festival in Bacolod - Bacolod Rum Festival - Bacolod chefs - Bacolod blogger
Bacolod chefs Don Angelo Colmenares and Nico Millanes judge the mise en place.

One team that made it to the finals even explored infusing rum into the famous Bacolod chicken inasal marinate. And though this was not done in the competition, homegrown Chef JP Anglo infused rum into some ingredients used for Bacolod Batchoy.

Cafe Elgon - Bacolod restaurants - Rum Cake - desserts - top desserts in bacolod

Incidentally, I just want to mention that Cafe Elgon, a Bacolod restaurant, joins in the celebration with their very own Rum Cake. It’s a sweet sponge cake with caramel syrup and some brittle on top. Although it’s quite small, it packs a punch in rum and sugar. Best eaten cold and when shared, like I did with wifey. <3

Tanduay Rum Festival Winners

Meanwhile, here are the winners for the different events during the Tanduay Rum Festival in Bacolod. Looking forward to a bigger event next year!

Tanduay Rum Festival in Bacolod - Bacolod Rum Festival - John Orola- Em Ang - Julius Anasca - Bacolod City - Bacolod blogger
Bacolod artist Julius Añasca wins the Tanduay barrel art painting competition.

Barrel Art Painting Competition

  • 1st Prize – Julius Añasca – “Obreros haligi sang Negros”
  • 2nd Prize – Rommel Cadigal – “Tubo kag Buhi”
  • 3rd Prize – Wen Treyes Quilisadio – “Cheers to Life”

Culinaria Competition

Tanduay Rum Festival in Bacolod - Anne Bistro - Chef Dan Altarejos - Culinaria cooking with rum - Mayor Bing Leonardia
Chef Dan and Christian of Anne Bistro win the first-ever round of Culinaria main course and appetizer division for Tanduay Rum Festival in Bacolod.
  • 1st Prize – Anne Bistro – Chef Dan Lendle Altarejos and Christian Rey dela Cruz for Kinilaw na Tuna and Red Curry Prawn Risotto.
  • 2nd Prize – Kusinata – Chef Jolito Pandac and Benedict del Rosario. Their dishes are Pollo y Sandia Borrachos (Drunken Chicken & Watermelon Salad) for appetizer. For their main dish, it was Pinaasuhan Nga Sili. It’s Smoked Freshwater Eel Glazed with Soy Honey Rum Sauce, on White Rum Risotto, Sautéed Asparagus Spears and Tomato.
  • 3rd Prize – La Consolacion College Bacolod – Raymond Jan Ledesma and Matthew Arthem Gelvoleo. They made Scallops Flambé on Crispy Bangus Skin with Pomelo-Rum Vinaigrette for appetizer. For main course, it was Chicken Inasal with Batuan Rum Sauce Topped with Rum Infused Ginamos, and Coconut Lemongrass Rice. Moreover, the side was Rum Vinaigrette Green Mango Salsa.

Desserts with Rum

Culinaria cooking with rum - desserts with rum - Tanduay Rum Festival in Bacolod - Bacolod chefs - Bacolod blogger - Anne Bistro - Bacolod restaurants
Chef John and Niel of Anne Bistro won the desserts with rum round.
  • 1st Prize – Anne Bistro – Chefs John Fred Olvido and Niel John Cortez for their baked Honey Rosemary Cake.
  • 2nd Prize – Kusinata – Chefs Reviel B. Villapana and Gerard “Jay” D. Grey, Jr. for their Sugar-Glazed Caged “GoodBood”.
  • 3rd Prize – La Consolacion College Bacolod – Jesus Samuel Solinap and John Alre Dales for their Piaya RUMbutan and Tanduay Coconut Rum Custard Filled Barquillos. These were served with Rum-Infused Kalabasa Halaya and Candied Bacon.
Tanduay Rum Festival - Tanduay Distillers - Tanduay products - Bacolod Rum Festival - Bacolod blogger
Tanduay Rum products on display.

Congratulations everyone!

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