Month: January 2015

Home Improvement

Clean Up Your Bedroom Cabinet By Discarding Old Clothes

Many of us are faced with this dilemma–we have no more closet space. It seems that no matter how big the closet is, there is no more room. Your stuff is spilling out and can be found on all available surfaces. Most of all, you can’t find what you need. And no matter how you […]

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A Male Therapist for My Massage

After more than a week of complaining to my husband that my body aches have been making me feel like I am down with the flu, I finally put my foot down and decided to go to the spa. I went to Grand Royal Spa just down the road from our place to get a […]

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The Smell of My Man

I have something to confess. I have this addiction and that is smelling my husband. While he may not agree with me and the thought about me enjoying his “manly aroma” even though he hasn’t bathe yet makes him raise his eyebrows in disagreement, I enjoy his scent. I also smell his used clothes and […]

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