26 Weeks Pregnant With Urolithiasis

I will tell this story in pictures.

Last Sunday, I felt sharp, stabbing pains on my left back side. I wondered what it was and I kept enduring it till Thursday, until I finally saw my OB-Gyne and she recommended for my immediate admission to the hospital. She scolded me for not going earlier while I was in excruciating pain. It turned out I had a kidney stone, 7 mm in diameter, that was lodged in my ureter, 3 inches away from the kidney. And while it travels, it is causing me extreme pain. Thankfully, my baby is fine and no premature contractions. But while I was discharged from the hospital, I am still taking medications and the pain killer that they gave me causes the softening of the cervix. Because of that, I have to stay put. As of now, I dunno where the stone is. What I know is, it is somewhere in my ureter.

I waited until Thursday to see my doctor because I still was maid of honor on Wednesday. While I was attending the mass, I kept massaging my aching back. But during picture taking, I was still all smiles. That night, I was tormented with pain again.

This is me the next day at the hospital. My goodness, they did not have a cheaper room, so I had this suite thingy that cost us P1,600 per day.

My dear husband stuck with me. He was worried and harassed. He kept waking throughout the night when I would be in pain for the last week. Anyway, I tried to take his picture while he was asleep, but the focusing light of the camera woke him up.

This is the last picture that we took before out digicam got dropped on the floor and the lens would no longer close. When I got home, my LCD would not switch on. Sigh…our baby budget has gone to the hospital already. Now our needed gadgets have ganged up on us. But we still believe, God will provide. 🙂


10 thoughts on “26 Weeks Pregnant With Urolithiasis

  1. nice nice chura ko sang pag maid of honor no? tapos the next day, law-ay2…hihi hay ka funny gani. kigan ko ni doc. kay hulat pa tapos maid of honor bago pa ospital. agwanta lang sakit. hehe

  2. Don’t worry girl.. Everything will turn out fine.. Just remember to pray and just give the best effort you can. Don’t push yourself ya.

    Take care! 🙂

  3. Hi..There is no impossible for prayers…I believe you gonna get well soon.Blogging ka lng muna sistah para inde boring…hehehe

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