5 Tools Needed for Swimming Pool Maintenance

A swimming pool can bring hours of fun to the family. Swimming is a great way to keep fit and also to relax. But pools do require maintenance so before you rush out and order a swimming pool, it would be a good idea to make sure that you understand the requirements of keeping a pool well maintained, clean, and in tip top condition. All that is really required is a bit of time and discipline as well as the right tools. Here are five things you will definitely need to keep your pool looking good and serving you well.

Dindin enjoyed swimming in the quaint pool at May’s Organic Garden, located at Brgy. Pahanocoy, Bacolod City.

The Pool Filter

The pool filter operates to keep the water clean. Water from the pump goes through the filter where dirt and other particles are filtered out of the water. The filter needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. Cartridge filters should be soaked in a cleaning solution for 24 hours then hosed down before being reinstalled. Sand filters will require the sand to be replaced every 3 to 5 years. If the pressure gauge on your filter shows that the pressure has fallen to below the normal reading you should clean the filter. Also check that your pump is operating correctly and the skimmer basket is clear. Maximum filtration will be achieved by regularly cleaning or back washing your filter.

The Pump

Talk to your pool professionals about which pump to choose for your pool. The size of the pool as well as the filtration system you are using will help determine the correct pump for your needs. You should choose the very best pump you can afford as it will ensure that the pool runs well. It will also mean less maintenance in the long run as well as lower energy costs and increased life span of your pool equipment. It really is a very worthwhile investment.

The Vacuum

You will need a pool vacuum to help keep the floor of your pool clean. Dirt, leaves and other debris will build up on the pool floor over time and you will need a vacuum to remove any muck from the bottom of your pool. The vacuum has a suction head, a telescope pole that adjusts in length, and also various hose attachments.

The Skimmer and Basket

A basket and skimmer are very important in helping to keep the filter clean. They are designed to catch debris and large dirt particles before they end up inside the filter. Leaves and other matter are also trapped in the pump basket whereas the skimmer (netting with a long handle) can be used to dislodge any dirt that has settled on the pool floor. It is important to check the basket and empty it regularly.

Leaf Net

A leaf net is important for keeping leaves from landing on the surface of the pool. Without a leaf net leaves and other debris will be blown into the pool creating more cleaning tasks. It only needs a single installation but it saves a lot of trouble. The net should be slightly bigger than your pool.

Just keep these things handy and your swimming pool will be fine.

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