A Blue Wedding at Shangri-La Mactan

Wedding Outfits in Blue

Last month, our entire family went to Cebu in order to attend a cousin’s wedding. It was held in the beautiful beach resort of Shangri-La Mactan in Cebu. The wedding was held at their beach side chapel and the photography was done outdoors. Everything was so beautiful and the weather was perfect.

Before the wedding, I was fretting because I have nothing to wear. I gained so much weight that nothing I have in my closet seem to fit and trying on new ones at the mall didn’t look so good either. I know that I have to lose weight but I just cannot do it overnight. Not right now because I don’t have the time anymore.

So I turned to online shopping. Perhaps, I might find something there that would look good on me. Well, thankfully, I did. I found a couple of cute blue dresses on ZALORA for that instant pop of color and several blue blouses as well. I like the color blue, I guess, because whenever there is a selection of clothing in different colors, I am almost always drawn to blue. They are so attractive and the darker hues make my silhouette thinner. But when you ask me what my favorite color is, I would answer yellow. haha Silly me.

Anyway, among the blue dresses that I saw at the website, I fancied one–a long sleeved chiffon tent dress with round neck and slits on the sleeves that show my arms. At least it was something that would cover the unsightly bulges and looked decent enough for a formal event with the right accessories. Ahhh…Zalora saved my day! I also bought another blue blouse along with that dress.

The ladies in blue dresses. And our men wore barong.

And it turned out during the wedding, all the women in our family wore blue. haha We never got to talk about our outfits back here in Bacolod and we were just surprised when we saw each other at the ceremony that we were color-coordinated. And it wasn’t just us, many of our girl cousins were in blue, too.

It was a lovely event and we were glad that we were able to attend.

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