A Christmas Gift for Myself

My Christmas gift.

This year had been pretty tough financially. Coming home from our family’s New Year vacation, I found out that I was pregnant with my second child. Though we wanted to have another one, we did not exactly plan it out this way so our little one really came as a surprise (actually, just like the first one hahaha).

But on December last year, we just signed up for a couple of new insurance plans. Then it became a whirlwind because Dindin started ballet and then school and then of course the delivery. So many things have happened that we ended up not being to able to save enough for the expected C-Section.

That is why things are a little too tight this year and honestly, we do not have gifts for the usual people (mostly kids) on our gift list. We just do not have the budget for it, especially that Dindin has two upcoming recitals, a Chinese New Year presentation, and then her graduation. All will be happening in the first quarter of next year and would require new costumes.

But it had been kind of my personal tradition to buy me self a new watch around November of each year. This had been the third year. No, I don’t buy expensive ones–I just get those that are on sale at Timex. Yeah, I like Timex. My first Timex watch was bought like 12-14 years ago and it is still working perfectly. It is already a little too tight on my wrist because I was young and skinny back then and I could no longer find the extra bracelet slots, but the watch is still in very good condition. And no scratches on the glass either. So that is why I love Timex. And they are pretty fashionable, too. And oh, the month is not really that significant. It is just that before the year ends, Timex holds a sale. haha

When we passed by the Timex store last month, I saw that they had something on sale that I like–a rectangular-faced watch. Though I would want it two-toned, I was fine that it was in yellow gold because all my jewelry are in yellow gold. So despite the shortage, I still got myself one. And hubby agreed to share it with me so it’s like a Christmas gift from him and myself. hahahaha

So why did I get it when we are rather short on budget? For one, it is a personal reward and remembrance for the year. It was not so expensive either so it would not hurt so much. It is not like we have nothing at all left and we are starving. And besides, this is only once a year and I don’t splurge on clothes and other stuff. So consider this as my only vice. hehe

Merry Christmas everyone!

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