A Diamond Rosette Ring For My Birthday

Diamond rosette ring set on 14K yellow gold. Luvet!

Last month, I thought of buying something for myself. It seems that I have been giving stuff away and thinking about other people except myself.

My clothes are mostly worn and faded, I only have one pair of slippers and another pair of slip on sandals, and only a pair of pants. Not really a girly-girl, but this is ridiculous.

So last month, I thought of splurging. No, I didn’t want to buy clothes. But instead, I bought this diamond rosette ring and oohhhh how much I loved it! I wanted to buy it early in May but I postponed it and waited for it when the first week of June came. And it was still there at the jewelry store! Waaaa I guess, it was really meant for me.

Anyway, this is not very expensive but I love how it looks. Thanks to my husband for allowing me to dip into our family funds so that I can buy this one. Weeeee Sort of like an anniversary gift to me and also an advanced birthday gift, as I will be celebrating my birthday in less than a week. hehehe

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