A Flat Tire on a Windy Day

Hubby was trying to fix the flat tire while Dindin strikes a pose in front of him. hihi

I found this photo in our archives. This happened some time in February of 2013, so about 2 years and a half years ago. We only had Dindin back then. Or maybe I was already pregnant with Siobe.

We went out one Sunday afternoon to meet with a friend. It was a fine afternoon, a bit cloudy and windy. But a few meters away from our house, we heard a strange sound coming from under the car. We stopped to check what it was and the car following us stopped to tell us that we had a flat tire. Uh-oh. Talk about hassle when you are in a hurry. hehe

Anyway, we called up our friend that we are running late because of the incident and he decided to come meet us where we stopped. My husband took out the jack and started working on the tire while waiting for our friend. In order to ease the waiting time for her, Dindin and I managed to have some laughs. My daughter opted to pose beside her Papa while he was working and so I took this endearing photo. LOL Isn’t she adorable? It was just kinda funny for us that afternoon that while her Papa was struggling with the tire, we were just goofing around him, not helping at all. hehe

It was pretty easy to take off the tire but hubby had to do it all over again when he put back the tire and arrow together. hehe But at least, he got everything together finally and we were off. Just a little throwback. hehe

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