Flowers From a Friend

Ellen, a friend of mine from Trinity Christian Fellowship, just dropped by this afternoon and gave me a bunch of flowers. There were 12 red roses and 1 pink rose in it. She said one of her relatives held a party yesterday and they ordered so much flowers that they were overflowing in the venue. So she decided to give some to me.

I am so touched with the gesture. I mean she didn’t have to. But she did. She came over the house and had to go up the 3rd floor where we are living just to deliver the bouquet. I am sooo touched.

Ellen, you just made one pregnant woman HAPPY. 😀


5 thoughts on “Flowers From a Friend

  1. that only tells that you are a nice person that those who close to you could always think on how to make you happy 🙂
    be safe always…

  2. I’m glad that the flowers made you happy, nang! Pregnant women need to be happy so that Baby G(irl) will also be happy!! 😉

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