A Guide To Buying Children’s Shoes

Some parents here in the Philippines buy shoes that are too big for their kid’s feet just so they could save some money. But in the end, their kids find it hard to walk. What they would do is that they would just insert some stuffing inside the shoes to make them fitter. When the child’s feet have grown a bit, they would take out some stuffing and the process will continue. Sometimes, the shoes are already tattered before the kid can actually fit in that big size. So I think it defeats the purpose, right?

But as for Dindin, we buy shoes that have indeed a little allowance, but not too big that we have to put some stuffing in it. After all, although Dindin can walk and run fast, she is still learning to find her balance. If we buy her children’s shoes that are too big, we think that she would not be able to effectively balance herself. And also, Dindin’s feet are very slim that even the shoes that are the same length as her feet still appear quite loose, so how much more if we buy her shoes that are too big? It has to be just enough.

So in order to save money, we do not buy expensive shoes, but those that are within our budget so that even if she could no longer wear them after 3 or 4 months, then it is fine with us. At least, Dindin had been comfortable. Anyway, I found this video online about how to choose shoes for your kids. You might also learn a thing or two there.


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