A Heartwarming Tale: PLDT Rewards Changes the Life of an OFW Family

Cheryl Maxine P. Loyola and Jason Ignacio, AVPs and Heads of PLDT Home Marketing PR and Loyalty and Planning, alongside the elated 5-Million PLDT Home Rewards 2022 Grand Giveaway Promo Winner. The photo captures the joyous moment of the OFW family's life-changing win, underscoring the significance of loyalty to PLDT Home. The executives and winner share smiles, embodying the positive impact of the PLDT Home Rewards program on families. A powerful visual representation of success, gratitude, and the exciting possibilities that unfold when loyalty meets recognition.

A 36-year-old Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) can now stop worrying about his family while he is away from them. Thanks to the PLDT Home Rewards Grand Giveaway Promo, not only is he P5 million richer, he finally gets to come home to be with family. This fortunate OFW, who has spent the majority of the past 12 years working on ships abroad, is now able to reunite with his family and fulfill long-held dreams.

The Power of PLDT Home Rewards

The PLDT Home Rewards Promo is like a special gift for all PLDT Home users. It’s really easy to join – no fees, no complications. Your internet isn’t just for browsing; it also unlocks discounts at your favorite merchants. With PLDT Home Rewards, your regular internet connection earns you cool perks and savings. Plus, there’s the Grand Giveaway Promo, where you can win great prizes just for paying your bills. It’s like a big “Thank you” from PLDT Home for being awesome!

Simply put, pay your bills, earn Home Rewards Crystals, and unlock extra goodies. Why settle for just a connection when you can enjoy awesome rewards?

(From L to R) Cheryl Maxine P. Loyola, AVP and Head, PLDT Home Marketing PR, 5-Million PLDT Home Rewards 2022 Grand Giveaway Promo Winner with his partner, Jason Ignacio, AVP and Head, PLDT Home Loyalty and Planning

Family Dreams Realized

The lucky winner and his partner shared their story of making the switch to PLDT Home. When their previous service provider proved expensive, they returned to PLDT Home in 2017. They remembered the reliable internet speed and consistent service they used to enjoy when they used to live with their parents. During the pandemic, the partner, employed by a BPO company, upgraded their plan. This adjustment was made to meet the required minimum internet speed, ensuring seamless work-from-home arrangements.

Building Dreams Together

The couple, never having won a raffle before. They were pleasantly surprised when their decision to join the PLDT Home Rewards program led them to the life-changing P5 million prize. They plan to use the prize money for their house. But their four-year-old son’s education must get top priority. They are also considering part of the prize as seed money for a business. The prize also enables the OFW to fully embrace his role as a partner and father, as he no longer needs to immediately return to seafaring.

5-Million PLDT Home Rewards 2022 Grand Giveaway Promo Winner

The Importance of PLDT Home

The partner stressed the satisfaction of being a loyal PLDT Home subscriber. They especially highlighted the internet speed and consistent service. Then there is the FamCam promo that they availed. This special add-on package enabled the seafarer to stay connected with his family while away.

The couple also encourages others to switch to PLDT Home, believing it’s faster and more reliable. To be more convincing they mention PLDT being generous to loyal subscribers by saying, “If you’re already a subscriber, sign up for the PLDT Home Rewards. As long as you pay on time, you earn points that you can exchange for rewards.”

The PLDT Home Rewards Grand Giveaway Promo has proven to be a game-changer for this OFW family, emphasizing the significance of loyalty to PLDT Home. As they savor the fruits of their hard work and sacrifices, this couple serves as an inspiring example of the life-changing impact PLDT Home can have on families. Join the PLDT Home Rewards program today and embark on a journey filled with perks, discounts, and exciting possibilities.

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