A Homemaker’s Life?

I wake up earlier than my family because I have to make the bottle for my child at around 7:30am. It is not so early for some but then again I am usually the last one to go to bed because I have online stuff to do.

You see I am a stay at home mom taking care of my two-year-old darling daughter, but I also have an offline and an online job to take care of. I do this to augment the family income, although most of the time, this is really our bread and butter.

I take care of my child because I have no yaya or maid. I clean the room, the toilet and bath, and do administrative work like pay bills, budget the money or the lack thereof, do grocery, deposit, withdraw, etc. Sometimes I think that I do a haphazard work in everything because I am a jack of all trades and master of none. Sometimes I think that sleep should not be part of life so that I can do more things. This is because it seems to me that I need more sleep than most people. While most adults can function with a 6-hour per night sleep, my bestest self would be from taking 9-hour sleeps. And I should not be awaken suddenly, because then I would get a headache (which of course is usually the case, because I don’t live in a sound proof home you know).

I am just thankful that I still live with my in-laws. Our laundry is taken care of and at least I no longer have to prepare food or do marketing. We are just called to it. I think I would get crazy if I will have to handle all that.

I am not exactly complaining, I guess I just needed encouragement to go on. I can get so tired, my back aches, I am smelly, fat, and ugly. And I am not pregnant. I am tired and desperately want a massage. But that would cost money and time–two things that are a luxury to me.

I need a massage and sleep…

I don’t have a problem with being a homemaker, I just wish that I have more budget to do so and not have to work and take money making as a problem. I would love taking care of the home and my child and not be bothered by money issues.

9 thoughts on “A Homemaker’s Life?

  1. Life goes on and later stops. What you can do today, enjoy. Think of the problems of today. If they are much, don’t even think of problems for tomorrow because sufficient are the problems for the day. Don’t worry. It will not add to the solution but will only wear you down. Look up to God. He is the only solution…that you may be able to overcome this day. Rejoice always. That means taking life’s troubles and trials with joy that they will hone you to be a better person. These trials, too, shall pass. 🙂

  2. Hi sis a working mom here…..kayang kaya mo yan sis…there are times that you will really get tired but dumaraan sa passage na yan…let is pass and just hang on…I just hope that in time makapagsolo na din kayo para mas mag iiba ang level of fulfillment nyo..mas nakakapagod kasi your on your own…i know na mahirap maging home maker /SAHM/ WAHM kasi walang day offs…

    Ako there are times…pagod na pagod na as in super…coming from pasig (work) and living in caloocan. pagdating ko ako ang nagluluto kasi si maid di dunong magluto…tapos pagdating ko dito pa ako nakabihis magluluto at tuturuan na si bunso sa assignment…madalas umiiyak ako mag isa sa CR….pero pag down na down ako dahil sa exhaustion…ikikiss ko lang mga kiddos…hay solve na…also quality ME time works…(salon/spa)

    1. oo nga. it would be nice to live separately na. but parang kapos pa talaga. and medyo hirap din coz our work is here (as in sa baba ng bahay) kaya parang extra effort to transport to and from work. dito when we wake up, trabaho agad hehe

  3. I can so relate. I sleep only about 4 hours max. It’s like I keep pushing to do so many things but there is so little time. I work fulltime but I also have an online job to add to the income pool. I’m lucky it’s my husband who cooks most of the time, but there are those days he just wants to sit down at the table, food all prepared too. The yayas are helpful, but at night, I have to be there for the kids, to play with them, read to them, study, tuck them in. I wake up early to get tasks done and sleep late (or early morn!) to finish up again. I hardly have time for crafting, which I absolutely love. 🙁 But I guess we do this all out of need and love and for the family. We just have to remind ourselves to take it easy sometimes ~ like get lots of sleep and take a break for ourselves. 🙂

    1. i love crafts, too! pero wala na gid time so ang album ni dindin i do it using photoshop na. less expensive, too.

      but gusto ko gid na tani ang 4 hour a day sleep, i can do more. pero my body keeps me from doing so. after a day of doing that, i would get dizzy for several days. hayz…getting old na gid a. haha

      thanks may!

  4. your scenario is so darn familiar, the only difference is that i live with my siblings, + i do the laundry (mine + jared’s) all the time + have to do the cooking sometimes, too 😉 we do get quite a lot in our plates, but try to rest + relax as much as you can too, read a good book or watch a nice flick, it doesn’t necessarily has to burn a hole in your pocket, besides you’d be able to do more + perform better if you recharge once in a while..
    jared’s little corner

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