A Husband’s Help

As with every wife, I think that everyone appreciates help in doing household chores. And I am just very thankful that although we don’t have a maid, my husband is very helpful.

My hubby and myself both have grown up with having maids or baby sitters in the house all his life. But when we got married, I took it upon myself to clean our bedroom, keep it tidy, and also maintain the cleanliness in our toilet and bath. These are the only conjugal areas that I have to maintain because we still live with the in-laws.

I can’t wait for the maids to do the cleaning because they have a schedule, and sometimes I can’t wait to get the room cleaned. When it gets dirty, I clean it up. I usually do the cleaning when my husband is not around, but when he is, he makes himself useful. He asks if he can help or where he can. Sometimes I let him, sometimes I don’t.

But there are times that he doesn’t offer help and I need his hand, so I simply ask him–gently….like a gentle request. And he happily obliges. But if he is too tired or sleepy when I ask him, he would politely ask if he can do it another time. More often than not, I just let him be, or if I still have the energy, I just finish the job. Last night, I swept the floor and asked him to mop it. He asked if he could do it today for he was quite sleepy already. And I said yes, today, without asking him to, he just got the mop before taking his bath and mopped the floor. Isn’t that sweet?

I guess if we really ask our husband’s help gently they will be more than willing to help us out. I just think nagging them or just uttering messages hoping that they will get the hint, these will not work. And sometimes we just think they are insensitive, but they are not. They just don’t know what to do first, next, etc. But if we are specific with our instructions, then maybe, just maybe, we will get the help that we wanted and needed.

But of course, I don’t guarantee this, as not everybody is the same. Well, it works for me, and I hope it works for you, too, then there will be less harassed housewives out there. 😀

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  2. your household truly beautiful, where understand each other and work together.
    You have good husband that love you very much…! really beautiful

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