A Lot of Movies to Watch

One of the things that my husband and I like doing is to watch movies. Most of the time, we just catch a film in the comforts of our bedroom. But there are just movies that would be sacrilege to watch in a small screen with no volume. LOL Yes, we watch when Dindin is asleep so we mute the volume and turn on the sub titles. LOL

But this time, it seems that we will be in cinemas every week because of Spiderman, Ice Age 4, and of course, Dark Knight Rises! Waaaaa Not only will we spend a lot of time in the theaters, it is gonna cost us! Waaaaa

Oh well, since this does not happen all the happen, I guess we can splurge a bit for these three movies. It is just too bad though that we cannot bring Dindin in most of the movies except Ice Age 4. But on second thought, at least Dennis and I can have some date time. hehe

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