A Loving Time with Tea and Music

The other night, hubby and I had about 10 minutes of bliss. Praise God for that. The kids were asleep and we were already able to take our evening baths.

Instead of going immediately back to work on my computer (yeah I work late nights because that is the only time I have), I prepared guyabano tea for us to share. The tea was given to me some time ago and since we are not avid tea drinkers, we still have it. It would really be good if I can remember to prepare this always because this is a healthy tea that is a powerful antioxidant and anti-carcinogenic.

The moment that we had our tea was like our evening tea time. hihi There really wasn’t anything romantic to it in the sense that there were no cuddles nor music, not even sounds from Selmer Paris Clarinets. We were very quiet so as not to wake up the kids. Even our conversations were muted. Dennis tinkered with the ipad as he showed me some stuff.

But that is fine. The fact is, we were able to slow down for a little while and take a breather. And that is all there is to it. 😀 With everything that has been going on around us because of our growing family, this is a welcome respite. Even just for 10 minutes.

For me that is still love–a deliberate attempt to connect on a certain level before going back to work for the night. hihi Yeah. I had things to do and tasks to finish. The kids would not let me work when they are awake. Not that it is really their intention. They just have so many needs and I have to be there for them because I don’t have a helper. And I still am having second thoughts about hiring a helper. So this will go on for quite some time until Siobe grows up.

One thought on “A Loving Time with Tea and Music”

  1. Ang sweet ng ganyan mommy noh??Ako everyday pagkauwi ni hubby sa work.I make sure na mAy break time din kami hahaaj
    Always ko naman pineprepared calamansi and ginger tea para mas lumakas immune system namin parehas lalo na lumalabas sya para magwork

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