A Male Therapist for My Massage

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After more than a week of complaining to my husband that my body aches have been making me feel like I am down with the flu, I finally put my foot down and decided to go to the spa.

I went to Grand Royal Spa just down the road from our place to get a one-hour foot massage. But don’t be mislead. Their foot massage includes arm, calves, head, and back massage. It was so invigorating that I felt my blood come alive again.

Normally, I would ask for a masseuse, however, no one was available. This spa has male therapists and so the receptionist asked if I am alright with a male therapist. I said that’s fine. And it turns out that the lady waiting ahead of me also got a male therapist.

While some may feel awkward having a male therapist if they are female (as opposed to men who prefer to have female therapists handle their massage), I am fine with, as long, of course, it is not a full body massage where you are stripped down to your undies.

You see, men have bigger hands, bigger fingers, and firm grips. When they grip a body part to massage like the leg, they can cover more area. So you feel a much even stroking of the muscles. And since their fingertips are bigger, they give more solid pressure on pressure points. Sometimes when a masseuse presses on my leg and she did it rather strongly, I would wince because it is like she poked a stick on my flesh. And since men are much stronger, they give hard pressure without having to exert so much effort. I only need to say that my pressure preference is “soft” because I know that their “soft” is different than that a female therapist. The problem with a lot of female therapists is when you say you want the pressure stronger, they would do so, but they would perform it while maxing out their strength. So it feels forced and eventually, the extra effort will wear them down and they cannot maintain the same force.

This comes as no offense to female therapists because I have known many of them since my stint as a spa manager. And many of them are really good. This is a matter of my preference. However, when it comes to body massage, I would still ask female therapists to handle my service. 😀

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