A Passion for Exercise…Not

If there is one thing that hubby and I dislike, it is exercise. Yeah, we know that it is good and it should be part of our lives to keep us healthy, especially as we are already advancing in years…but honestly, we are just too lazy.

Whenever the term “fun run” is mentioned, we would ask, “Where’s the fun in run?” LOL It will make you wake up early and huff and puff until you reach the finish line. The last time I invited to join a fun run, I asked what time it would start. I was told that the assembly is 5:00AM. Whaaatt? That is too much work for us. LOL Too much effort. :-p

A fun run is never fun for us. :-p Artwork from the internet.

But I really hope that this attitude of ours will change. Maybe when I give birth, hubby and I will set aside some time just to walk a few rounds at the lagoon for good health. It will really not be to make us slim and become models, but just for overall health. After all, we do acknowledge that we need to work out on our bodies.

One good exercise for the lazy ones like us is yoga, because it is low impact. But well, we will see.

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