A Personal Treat

Yesterday, my body was sooo tired. It is the kind that your eyes seem to be burning because of the aches and pains that you are feeling. You are not really sick, just really exhausted. I am literally dragging my feet in order to get up and walk.

I am not sure about the exact reason. It’s either because of lack of quality sleep (I do sleep long hours and take naps but not very comfortable ones), my weight (hence my body is making protests) or maybe because I have just been overworked.

I knew that a massage would do me wonders but I was too tired to even to the spa. The thought of commuting makes me more tired. And well, of course, budget is really a concern.

But it was my husband who talked me into it. He knew that part of making me feel better is really a good massage. And besides, he really respects that I need some personal time. Thankfully, I have discount at Spa Natura. My only problem is that, it is quite far from where I live. I don’t like the thought of taking the jeep because it takes so long to get there. I made reservations but was told that they would not be available in about an hour. I did not like that. Any delays and I would change my mind.

Just when I already told my husband that I will not go, I got a message that a therapist just arrived. So I hurriedly took a quick shower and headed there in a cab. Had to shell out P70 for that.

I chose their Body Scrub with Swedish Massage. It regularly costs P850 but I got it at P680. Good deal for a two-hour service. Since I already took a shower, the therapist started me on the scrub. She used a mildly scented salt scrub, which she said was organic. She started on my legs, back, then arms, and chest. A word of caution, you should not be bashful when doing this–you will be stripped to your undies and the therapist will let you turn over and over again, sometimes exposing your breasts because she also scrubs the areas around it.

The therapist applied the scrub like she was also doing Swedish massage strokes, but with the roughness of the salt scrub. I loved the sensation that I wanted to sleep. But then again, it was time for her to rinse me. After that, she applied coffee body masque all over me. That felt cool. Then rinse again. I took another shower, this time standing up, while the therapist was not around. I shampooed my hair to remove some of the mixtures that got to my hair.

Then she guided me to the massage where I was to have my Swedish Massage. Look, I do not normally sleep during a massage because I want to savor the sensation. But this time, I did. Actually, this is my third time here at Spa Natura to get a Swedish Massage and every time I do so, I always fall asleep. They really knead my stresses away.

Whereas I preferred combination massage in the past, I now like Swedish massage because it is so relaxing. With combination, the pressing and the stretching invigorates me and I end up wanting to work late because I am energized. With Swedish, I am being lulled to sleep.

I felt so relaxed afterwards that I did not regret going there. I thank my husband for allowing me that time to treat myself and also for volunteering to take care of our child while I was away. He even picked me up after my service.

While it may seem to be an indulgence to treat yourself to the spa, I believe that it is not just mere luxury. There is something therapeutic about getting a massage and just having some personal space. I am not sure what magic is there, but all I know is that I am happier when I come out and in a better mood to face my husband and my child.

3 thoughts on “A Personal Treat

  1. Would you believe I have never had a massage in my entire life! I don’t know what’s holding me back…the price maybe?
    Good to know you had a relaxing one.

  2. would love to have a massage too! I agree with you, it has health benefits too. have a lovely weekend.

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